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Let’s learn cornering

I’ve spent a lot of time cornering but I still have a lot to learn. I found this paul the punter’s video where he is working with a local pro he knows on cornering. Towards the end of the video they start breaking down what is holding Paul back and to correct the problem, he […]

Bonneville Shoreline Trail – Draper, Corner Canyon

bear canyon suspension bridge

The Bonneville Shoreline trail “system” (if you can call it a trail system) is one of the most unique trail systems that I have seen.  It’s location isn’t secluded to a zip code or a city.  The BST is a trail system that follows the shoreline of the ancient Bonneville lake.  It follows the Wasatch […]

Hilarious near crash

We (Stephen and I) were riding Levitate (I’ll link the review here when it is ready) and I had the weirdest almost-crash.  As I came off of one of the jumps, my foot popped out of my super duper crank brothers pedals (cleats getting worn down?) and my foot just flew around.  I had to […]