We (Stephen and I) were riding Levitate (I’ll link the review here when it is ready) and I had the weirdest almost-crash.  As I came off of one of the jumps, my foot popped out of my super duper crank brothers pedals (cleats getting worn down?) and my foot just flew around.  I had to sit on my top bar for a long time to try to get the situation under control.


foot off pedal
Foot flies off pedal at the wrong time.


Shortly after the left foot popped off, my right followed suit.  At some point I was able to drag myself onto my frame, my seat was crooked.  I just rode out sitting on the frame as I tried to reduce speed to a manageable level.

You might also notice the deer scattering when I came dragging my feet around the final corner.  Glad we didn’t hit a deer.

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