bear canyon suspension bridge

Bonneville Shoreline Trail – Draper, Corner Canyon

The Bonneville Shoreline trail “system” (if you can call it a trail system) is one of the most unique trail systems that I have seen.  It’s location isn’t secluded to a zip code or a city.  The BST is a trail system that follows the shoreline of the ancient Bonneville lake.  It follows the Wasatch Front and I have ridden segments of the BST in Provo, Orem, Pleasant Grove, Alpine, Draper, Sandy and Salt Lake.  The Bonneville Shoreline trail also extends south as far as Santaquin and as far north as Idaho.  The segment of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail that I am reviewing today is just the small piece that goes from Corner Canyon out to the Bear Canyon Suspension bridge.

Bonneville Shoreline Trail (Corner Canyon)

Bonneville Shoreline Trail System (within Corner Canyon)
Bonneville Shoreline Trail - Start At Andy Ballard Equestrian Center

You can start anywhere in Corner Canyon.  I decided to just start at the Equestrian Center.  I wanted to do some other trails, not just BST, so I went up past the temple along the lower BST, then to Gasline, up towards Ghost Falls, then on to Rattler.  Then I headed over to where the Draper segment of Bonneville Shoreline Trails begins and I took off from there.



Bonneville Shoreline Trail - BST Towards Sandy

You do encounter some cool sights as you head towards Sandy on the slightly inclining trail.  First off you can see the whole Salt Lake valley.  It is even more impressive when riding as the sun is setting.  Seeing the sun set behind the west mountains is spectacular from that vantage point.  There is a small bridge with a good rocky climb and then there is the giant suspension bridge at Bear Canyon.  I really enjoyed riding out to these bridges and hopping through the rocks.


mountain biking the bonneville shoreline trail
Eric riding the BST


Bonneville Shoreline Trail - The Return

Since it was mainly (light) climbing out, the return is fast  enjoyable experience.  Since there are only slight turns as the trail winds along the Bonneville Shoreline you can really keep your speed up.


Bonneville Shoreline Trail - Bear Canyon Suspension Bridge

Bear Canyon Suspension Bridge really is the highlight of the Draper segment of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail.  This bridge is 185 feet long and is super fun to cross.  The view is gorgeous and the sturdy bridge will make you want to come out to this segment of the BST again and again.

Bear Canyon Suspension Bridge


Suspension Bridge, First Person View
The view midway headed north


Bonneville Shoreline Trail - Variations

Since I was actually filming this and it was sunset, I was not able to do what I normally do which is continue on until the trail ends.  Not that Bonneville Shoreline trail ends here, it just disappears when it runs into a road somewhere in Sandy.  The fun part is that after the suspension bridge, things get a lot more technical and the climbing increases.  Notable things are the cave where you ride through a section of giant rocks that are piled upon each other (with cave access obviously).  There are some cool water break logs going down a trail, those are really fun to come down.  And there is one technical climb and one very technical climb that you will encounter if you continue on past the suspension bridge.  I highly recommend it.


view of sunset from bonneville shoreline trail

Bonneville Shoreline Trail : Quick Facts
Start GeoClick for map to 40.512038, -111.846879 (Draper, UT)
LocationAndy Ballard Arena Parking, 1600 Highland Dr, Draper, UT 84020
TypeOut and back (on BST), loop through some other trails
Treadsingle track, double track
This isn't a major workout, but it is fun
you can find things to jump
some rocks to jump over
there are some technical rock gardens, it gets harder if you go further on towards the cave, but I didn't this time
not too curvy, but just enough turns with good speed enhances the flow
This is a fun trail to get out and see the salt lake valley, check out the suspension bridge and just cruise around
Bonneville Shoreline Trail - Map
Total distance: 9.36 mi
Max elevation: 5318 ft
Min elevation: 4649 ft
Total climbing: 1424 ft
Total descent: -1424 ft
Average speed: 11.96 mi/h


Bonneville Shoreline Trail - Summary

In summary, the Draper Bonneville Shoreline Trail is a beautiful fast flowing trail that is perched above the valley and gives you a beautiful view and a little excitement.  Break out of the well worn Corner Canyon trails for a minute and enjoy what the BST has to offer between Draper and Sandy.  You’ll be glad you did and you probably won’t run into as many people along the way.


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Corner Canyon - Mercer Hollow Trail midway

Corner Canyon Trails: Mercer Hollow – A flowy little run intersecting Suncrest Drive

Mercer Hollow is one of the Corner Canyon trails on the south side of the mountain which can get you access to all the trails in the trail system from Utah County.  It is a quick ride up providing a good workout if you push it and a fun flowy ride back to the bottom.


Corner Canyon

Corner Canyon is a trail system that resides along Wasatch Mountains to the east of draper and the giant sandbar south of Draper (called the point of the mountain). This sprawling trailsystem has probably 100 miles of rideable single track.
Corner Canyon Trails: mercer hollow view from the top
View from the top
Corner Canyon Trails: Mercer hollow view from bottom
view from bottom
Corner Canyon Trails: Mercer Hollow - Intro

Mercer Hollow Trail is one of the 3 (and a half) gateways to the more well known Corner Canyon trails from the Utah County side.  The others being South Maple Hollow, Hog’s Hollow and 3 Falls (incomplete at this time).  Mercer Hollow Trail will give you access to some of the best of the central/northern Utah Mountain Biking.  Although short itself, mercer hollow trail provides a fun sprint up to the top with some nice views and a fun (albeit quick) downhill flow type of wide single track downhill which will leave you with an appetite for more of Draper’s popular well groomed (and growing) corner canyon trails.



Corner Canyon Trails: Mercer Hollow : Quick Facts
Start GeoClick for map to 40.461579, -111.818250 (Draper, Utah)
LocationSouth side of Suncrest road, first pullover spot (on the right) after Skye Estates. Look for the big tractor tires.
Length4 miles
TypeOut and back (short), or use to access CC proper.
Tread1/2 double track, 1/2 CC cut trail
The top half (single track) can be a strenuous climb, if you push it, but it is pretty short.
There are handful of fun roller style jumps
Nothing to note, unless you can figure out how to incorporate the big rock that is right next to the trail
CC "groomed" single track has most of the technical stuff removed.
This is a pretty fun flowy downhill run. While in the upper half you have enough open space and berms to keep your speed up. There are portions of switchback that you can jump over if you are fast. Overall a fun flowy downhill experience.
GainStrava, Trailforks and my own analysis disagree, but somewhere around 600 feet +
Fun, but mostly good for access to the rest of Corner Canyon


Corner Canyon Trails: Mercer Hollow - Map
Total distance: 4.23 mi
Max elevation: 5951 ft
Min elevation: 5374 ft
Total climbing: 1394 ft
Total descent: -1414 ft
Average speed: 11.95 mi/h
Corner Canyon Trails: Mercer Hollow - Trail Description

Mercer Hollow trail is divided into upper and lower sections.  The lower section is breezy double track and ends at the gravel road coming down from Mercer Hollow Cove.  After the gravel road, you will enjoy the “Draper style” single track (i.e. a really wide single track, cut with Draper’s super duper trail cutter). The single track gets you to the top where you can then cross Suncrest Road and jump on Eagle Crest (to access Maple Hollow, Vertigo and Levitate), or you can head over to the Peak View trail head (otherwise known as “The Corral”) which is the main intersection in the Corner Canyon trail system.  From there you can access the north side trails and up to Jacobs Ladder.  The climb is a decent workout, but very short. There are a few rocky sections but the trail is well built and easy to climb. It will get you to the top with lots of energy for the rest of your CC adventure.


Coming down mercer hollow you can find these types of pretty views.
Coming down mercer hollow you can find these types of pretty views.


Corner Canyon Trails: Mercer Hollow - Summary
Since Mercer Hollow is a quick fun ride, you should grab your bike and take a sprint.  It is a fast ride alone and a great way to access the other great trails in the area.  


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